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You can verify a license or file a complaint on the OFR website or call (850)-487-9687, if you have additional questions. Consumers who take out a payday loan from a licensed lender are entitled to the following protections under Florida law: A borrower may borrow up to $500 per loan. A borrower may only have one outstanding loan at any time.Can someone help me understand the Florida payday loan laws. If I understand them correctly, If I have a loan for $300.00, Florida law states that the maximum fee is 10% plus $5.00. So that loan should be costing me a total of $35.00 Is that right? Also, it states that maximum loans is 1. Does that mean 1 total at a time, or one per lender.Whereas other payday companies in the Sunshine State are prohibited from charging more than 18 to 30 percent on installment loans, Elevate and OppLoans can charge anywhere from 99 to 160 percent in.Payday lending, or deferred presentment, involves single-payment, short-term loans based on personal checks held for future deposit or on electronic access to personal checking accounts. This document also tracks loan products designed to be alternatives to payday lending.State of Florida opposes federal regulations against payday loans New nationwide regulations being created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will potentially put 70 percent of payday lenders out of business. It has been argued that payday lending is a way for those with poor or limited credit to legally obtain money in times of need.Like payday loans, car title loans are regulated by states. Overall, about half of all states allow car title loans. Some states group them with payday loans and regulate them with usury laws .

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Credit card debt seems to be one of the biggest problems in the state, which ranks 13th in the nation when it comes to credit card debt per capita. The same is true for auto debt, as Florida residents have an average of $5,200 in auto loan debt per capita compared to the national average of $4,700.Unregistered. Florida law prohibits any debt collector from threatening criminal action! Even an originasl creditor! You can file a suit against them for that! Also if a payday lender is not licensed in Florida the debt is non collectable under the Florida Consumer Financial Act regardless of the geographic location of the lender.In recent years, the availability of payday loans via the Internet has markedly increased. Unfortunately, some payday lending operations have employed deception and other illegal conduct to take advantage of financially distressed consumers seeking these loans. The FTC enforces a variety of laws to protect consumers in this area.In Florida, payday loans are given for a period of 7-31 days and these terms must be strictly followed. Notably, “rollovers” are not allowed in Florida. This means that all loans should be repaid in time. The law provides for a sixty day grace period if the customer is unable to pay back the loan upon the expiration of the contract term.Under Florida law, payday loans cannot be made in any amount greater than $500. Additionally, payday lenders may not charge fees that exceed 10 percent of the currency or payment instrument provided.